Movies are the new books

Reading a book is healthy for our mind because it helps us imagine the scenario by picturing every scene on our mind. Moreover, it challenges our brain when we encounter new words, our brain processed that as new knowledge. As a result, our memory will be improved which is a typical outcome when our nerve cells create a new connection. However, as we age we are focused on earning money and forget the things that we love the most. According to studies, movies can be a great alternative to books and way cheaper than buying a book. You can find more details on watch32 on the site

Most of the time, when we work at the office it becomes a routine to us that our brain and body will get used to it because we are doing it daily. Studies suggest that constant stimulation to the brain has a lesser chance of developing dementia which is a condition wherein it attacks our memory. So, if you cannot find time to read a book, you can just open your laptop and watch movies from watch32. One movie will take only at least 1-2 hours, so you do not have to spend a day to finish it. Plus, the effect that it will give you is just like reading a book.

You can watch whatever genre of movies that you enjoy. However, if you like to release tension from work and your responsibility at home, you can watch movies that lighten you up or movies that will let you cry. According to the psychologist, crying is one of the best ways to release any negative feelings that you have inside and your tears somehow cleanses whatever pain you are hiding. We can relate to the certain character to a movie, and we can even learn a thing or two from it.